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Highlighting Chicago’s Food Scene, as Diverse as the City Itself.

Social Catering
& Events

The Forum’s event space boasts commanding views of the UChicago campus and surrounding neighborhoods and is as appropriate for a conference as it is the season’s most talked-about event. The space can accommodate intimate seated dinners and large standing cocktail receptions, offering a unique venue to hold private events.

The Dining Room 

The flexible Dining area, which has expansive views of the Bosque garden, is available for meals and events of up to 100 conference attendees and university patrons.

Rather than the uninspired banquet buffets served at traditional conference centers, this stunning space offers culinary-focused, family-style service with a variety of gourmet tableside tasting platters.

Breaks & Coffee Service

Coffee breaks at the Forum match the elevated experience found in every other aspect of the venue. Our coffee kiosks in each neighborhood feature in-house, chef-made platters of gourmet treats with an array of health-focused and decadent snacks, encouraging mingling and interactivity among our guests.

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