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As hybrid events continue to grow in popularity, audiovisual elements have become an even more important component. Now, it is crucial for venues to have technical capabilities and infrastructures in place to support and deliver user-friendly and engaging hybrid experiences for attendees convening in person and from around the world.

The Forum has significantly invested in advanced technology, delivers seamless concierge-level service, and provides the expertise needed to execute flawless hybrid meetings.

Purpose-Built Meeting Spaces

Advanced audiovisual capabilities are present throughout the facility, with significant upgrades in the three largest presentation halls: University Room, Friedman Hall, and City View Room.

Standard Built-In Audiovisual:
  • Flexwood Sound Absorbing Walls Eliminate Reverb
  • Combination of wall and ceiling mounted stereo loudspeakers flanking each projection screen and distributed ceiling speakers.
  • Loudspeakers are zoned to allow utilization in a variety of configurations.
  • Two FM channels of assistive listening and a complement of receivers, headphones, and neck induction loops.
  • Audio/Video Streaming and Conferencing.
  • Two separate resident computers provided by the University mounted remotely
    in the AV rack. Keyboard and Mouse control is extended along with a video confidence
    monitor at the lectern to allow users to control the computers.
  • Auxiliary inputs are available at the AV rack in the AV control room. HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort connections are available.
  • AV inputs for laptops and other portable devices are provided at the lectern
  • Broadcast Ready Fiber Optic Cable Connectivity.
Enhanced Presentation Hall Built-In Audiovisual:
  • Six projectors on motorized on lifts, with six corresponding motorized projection screens
  • Six PTZ cameras on motorized lifts.
  • Video playback, with each screen capable of displaying a distinct image.
  • Auxiliary inputs are available at the AV rack in the AV control room. HDMI, VGA,
    and DisplayPort connections are available.
  • Simultaneous Interpretation is provided by a dual interpreter control console.
  • Audio/Video Capture of up to two videos at a time.

University Room 

Friedman Hall

City View Room

Supporting Audiovisual Equipment

Portable Audio Kits

To support temporary performances or audio presentations, a portable kit of professional performance audio gear is available to Forum clients. This kit includes full-range, self-powered loudspeakers with stands, two subwoofers, a portable audio mixer, cabling, wired and wireless microphones, power distribution that can tie in with the event power connections located throughout the building, and a full team of audiovisual professionals seamlessly facilitating audio needs.

Portable Video Projection Kits

In concert with the portable audio kit described above, some temporary events may require video presentation. The portable video projection kit includes a foldable projection screen and a video projector, which can be set on a platform or scaffolding as needed. Video input connections and power distribution to tie into the event power connections are also included.

Portable Video Conferencing Carts

The strategy for providing video conferencing on an as-needed basis involves a stock of self-contained video conferencing carts. Each cart contains a flat panel display, a camera, wireless microphones, and a video conferencing codec that connects to the building network when deployed by facility AV staff.

AV Control Room

The AV Control Room serves as the centralized hub for all AV System control, monitoring, and support.

  • AV Remote Support, utilizing building network for status monitoring
  • Each meeting room AV control system includes an isolated connection to the building network to enable remote monitoring and support.
  • Extron Global Configurator Pro runs on a server located in the control room rack, providing a central platform for status monitoring.


Broadcast Connectivity

The three major meeting spaces each include 24-strand fiber home runs to a patch bay located in the Control Room rack.

  • When an event requires connections to broadcasters on the exterior of the building, the AV staff in the building can patch the desired fiber connections through from the event space to a dedicated panel located on the exterior of the building. This fiber backbone is provided to support the portable equipment provided by outside users.
  • Conversion equipment to support the transmission of audio and video over fiber.
  • Broadcast capabilities available in University Room, Friedman Hall, and City View Room. 

Green Room

The Forum provides Green Rooms in two locations: one adjacent to Friedman Hall and the other is adjacent to the City View Room. Each serve as a private office, preparation space, and holding area for VIPs and presenters and includes a wall-mounted flat panel display with audio/video playback and a direct feed from the parent meeting space.

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