Art at the David Rubenstein Forum

 The inaugural Art at the David Rubenstein Forum program showcases loans from the art collection of University of Chicago Trustee Kenneth C. Griffin in tandem with historical documents from the collection of University of Chicago Trustee and Forum namesake David M. Rubenstein. This distinctive program was conceived to support the Forum’s mission of contributing to the University of Chicago’s character as an intellectual destination that builds community through the exchange of ideas.

Mark Bradford
Minutes are Painful, 2016

Edward Clark
Untitled #2 (“The Blue One”), 2004

Willem de Kooning
Untitled XII, 1981

Peter Doig
Red House, 1995-96

Mark Grotjahn
Untitled (Circus No.18 Face 44.36), 2015

Jasper Johns
Flag, 1960

Martha Jungwirth
Untitled, 2017

François-Xavier Lalanne
Grand Chat Polymorphe, 1968-2008

Christian Marclay
Actions: Splat Splooch Whap Blub Squich (No. 1), 2014

Takashi Murakami
Tan Tan Bo Black Hole, 2019

Lorna Simpson
Night Light, 2019

Ever Blossoming Life – Gold, 2014


H I S T O R I C A L    D O C U M E N T S

Bill of Rights
August 1789, New York printing of 17 Proposed Constitutional Amendment
October 1789, Rhode Island printing of Articles 3 through 12

The Declaration of Independence
One of two “exact” facsimiles given to James Madison, William J. Stone, 1823

Emancipation Proclamation
First official state department printing of the text signed by Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863

Magna Carta
Engraved and reproduced from one of only four surviving copies from 1215, Pine Engraver, 1733

U. S. Constitution Newspaper Printing
September 19, 1787 issue of the Pennsylvania packet with the first public printing of the text of the United States Constitution



Recent graduates and Teaching Fellows mentor student interns and collaborate with experts to strengthen their networks.


Surrounding community members engage with a framework built to support university syllabi to middle and high school curricula.


University of Chicago students work with faculty experts as they undertake rigorous research to incite intellectual discussions.


Visitors explore how works of art and historical documents function as physical expressions of contemporary issues relevant today.

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