Convening and COVID-19

The safety, wellbeing, and enduring experience of your attendees is our priority.
UChicago COVID-19 UpdatesFacilities & Capacities

Physically Distanced & Bespoke Convenings

The Forum has received approval to host University-approved meetings and events.
Small groups under ten may convene with the proper approval from their respective Dean or Officer.
Larger groups and external meetings are reviewed through the University’s In-Person Programming and Event Process.

Convening and COVID-19

As we convene with a heightened awareness of health and wellness practices, we invite you to experience the transformation of the ordinary meeting. Our approach embraces thoughtful accommodations for safe distancing and elevated hygiene procedures while providing distinctive, wellness-focused meeting environments.

Whether you are planning to convene in the coming months or well into the future, the safety, wellbeing, and enduring experience of your attendees are our priorities, and they are evident in the best practices we follow.

Meeting Environment

Our creative meeting space sets optimize healthy and hygienic practices while providing a setting that stimulates collaboration and innovation:

  • Safe physical distancing spacing
  • Hygiene and sanitizer stations
  • Air purification systems and infusers
  • Staggered breaks and event entry/exit timing

Food and Beverage

The Forum culinary team carefully selects and prepares meals to promote locally sourced, seasonal offerings while maximizing nutritional and energy-boosting benefits:

  • Curated menu offerings differentiate our culinary experiences by activating the best ingredients that our region has to offer.
  • Our industry-leading culinarians and beverage experts will work alongside you to craft menus tailored to maximize healthy choices.

Audio-Video Optimization

Audio-video optimization, including video conferencing capabilities in all meeting rooms, ensures a seamless experience for both conference attendees and those dialing in remotely.

Activated Breaks

To fuel greater energy and engagement, we’ve developed mindfulness programming and activities to offer attendees a unique and enriching meeting and conference experience.

Now Booking Meetings and Events

Please provide information about your prospective event and we will contact you to guide you through the next steps of the booking process.
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